Mediation Can Be an Excellent Alternative to Traditional Litigation

Mediation is a process whereby the parties select a neutral third party to assist them in reaching a settlement.  It can be an excellent alternative to traditional litigation for many reasons:  

  1. Private and Less Formal.  Although most lawsuits are public record, all communications to the mediator remain confidential and privileged unless permission is obtained to reveal those communications.  Additionally, the mediation process is much less formal than a trial, allowing each party to express their thoughts in a more comfortable environment.
  2. Less Expensive.  On the whole, mediation is much less expensive than litigating a case to a jury.
  3. Voluntary Agreement.  The mediator has no power to impose a settlement.  Rather, the parties each maintain complete decision-making power as opposed to relinquishing that power to a judge or jury during a trial.
  4. Active Facilitator.  During the mediation process, each party is able to voice their opinions and views, while the mediator helps the parties reach a resolution to their problems.  Mediators avoid taking sides, making judgments or giving advice.  The focus of the mediator is to reach a common-sense settlement agreeable to all parties.
  5. Finale.  The terms of a mediated agreement, which is resolved with input and agreement from all parties, are more likely to be fulfilled than a jury award or judge’s ruling, which can be appealed.  

Our Qualified Mediators Can Help

Our firm has two qualified mediators, each of whom have substantial litigation experience and are dedicated to finding resolutions.  We approach each case with compassion, honesty, integrity, and respect for the parties.  It is our desire to listen to each party’s concerns and opinions, in an effort to identify any potential barriers to reaching a settlement.  We are patient yet persistent.  Our objective is to facilitate communication between the parties in a comfortable, relaxed environment so that we can work to achieve an outcome acceptable to everyone.  

Our Services and Fees

Whether your case involves personal injury, wrongful death, breach of contract, or bad faith / insurance disputes, our qualified mediators want to help guide you to an amicable resolution.  Our fee for a half day mediation is $500.00 per party, and the fee for a full day mediation is $1000 per party.  Reach out today for further information.